About LIFAair

Company Background

Through outstanding research results, LIFAair has made significant contributions to Finnish indoor air quality standards. Established in 1988 in Helsinki, LIFAair specializes in indoor air purification technology and has spent more than 30 years in air pollution control, working with global government agencies, healthcare professionals and sporting organizations to improve the fundamental basic need for good indoor air quality.

Today, LIFAair uses advanced cleaning technology for consumer products to improve the overall wellness of communities and families with a strong commitment to our ethos "Responsible for Every Breath".

Our professionally engineered equipment, expert know-how, and support/customer care division are dedicated to delivering results with a commitment to the end consumers. We do this globally via a dedicated distributor network, actively driving new developments and participating in international conferences.

We are also a member of key associations related to research & improvement of indoor air quality, including:

We believe in providing solutions that ensure the well-being of people both at home and in their indoor working environments at all times. Clean indoor air results in not only  healthy spaces but also increased productivity at work or at school. 

LIFAair is one of a few manufacturers to have received the ISO 9001 quality and ISO14001 environmental standards and has proudly developed, in cooperation with the Finnish Technical Research Centre, VTT, several new advanced methods.

Here is a recent case study for the improvement of air dispersion and circulation in hospitals and the hygiene problems that could impact daily patient care. http://htsairaala.vtt.fi/english.htm